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#Balance is a consulting company that works with executives, leadership teams and human resources professionals to recognize the importance of employee engagement as a driver of a company’s success.

Some of the world’s best performing organizations understand that creating a work-life balance is a key factor for great business performance outcomes.

What We Do

#Balance provides Human Resources (HR) Strategy, Coaching, Strategic Planning and Wellness services and products for both Businesses and Consumers.

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Why Us?

#Balance has a casual professional with a customer-centered approach. We build long lasting customized solutions for our clients. We use a holistic approach to our products and services, ensuring our decisions are economically, environmentally and socially sound.

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Bring #Balance to the Workplace

A work–life balance is seen as a benefit to individuals and employers. Individuals report increased job satisfaction, greater sense of job security, better physical and mental health and reduced levels of job stress.

Once #Balance has been introduced to employees, the organization faces less absenteeism, lateness and staff turnover rates. In addition, there is an increase retention of valuable employees, higher employee loyalty and commitment towards the organization, improved productivity and enhanced organizational image as an employer of choice.

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I will listen to you. I will be kind and will not judge you. We all have unique abilities, qualities and achievements. Let’s celebrate that!


You can trust me to deliver on what I promise and I will hold you accountable to do the same. I will follow all professional ethics and codes of conduct in my services to you.


This enthusiasm will allow us to tackle the challenges, learn through asking questions and being curious and motivate us to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.


I will help you to reach your goals. I will bring you increased awareness. I will develop intimate relationships with all my clients and be a strategic thinking partner.


I will volunteer, educate and shop wisely to foster a community with like-minded individuals that will promote a healthy environment.


#Balance’s mission is to provide influential leadership and coaching services with positive client-centered relationships that support living a meaningful, balanced life, through our unique approach towards wellness, human resources and coaching.


#Balance is looking to be the leading HR Strategy, Coaching and Wellness consulting business, helping the world to become a better place – People, Profits and Planet.

Laura Kusko


Laura Kusko has been instrumental in my moving forward in my business. Before starting with Laura, there were times that I was hesitant and confused about making decisions and acting on them. Through questioning Laura was able to help me sort through the weeds of my mind and helped bring clarity of what I need to do next. She helped me dig deep inside to find out what was holding me back. She asked tough questions that really made me think, really made me wonder if what I was thinking was really true or not and supported me throughout my sessions with her.

The end result from each coaching session was clarity on how to move forward. Since dealing with Laura, I have been making progress every day in my business and I couldn’t have done it without Laura.

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George Naugle International

George Naugle

Tammy Hansen

Director of Programs

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Executive Director

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