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What is HR Strategy?

A HR Strategy sets the vision for Human Resources and helps you build innovative people management practices. These practices and policies are connected and incorporated into your business vision and goals.

The HR Strategy does not work on its own; it needs to be related to other documents in the company. This connection builds your competitive advantage. It is the role of #Balance to propose and build one picture that fits all requirements.

A HR Strategy gathers available information, identifies key stakeholders in the organization, finds other employees impacting the business strategy, designs strategic models, designs solution teams, and then presents and seeks approval on the proposal to get agreement on next steps and projects.

#Balance is your subject matter expert. We analyze the status of the organization and modern trends visible in the market. Based on the analysis, we formulate innovative HR Ideas. These ideas combine with the strategic business plans with possible changes in the corporate culture and people management practices.

#Balance can work with your HR team, or can work directly with other leaders in the organization if there is currently no HR members. This close cooperation of the two can introduce a significant change to the people management practices. No strategy can work without the positive influence on the primary stakeholders.

#Balance has courage and loves to introduce new things. We like to innovate current practices to improve performance and satisfaction. We like to analyze available data to identify gaps in practices and processes. We like to negotiate with other employees in the organization. We like to obtain feedback and incorporate it into a solution.

#Balance can help you introduce change that will help to improve your business performance. We design the HR Strategy that will make you shine. Your employees will be proud of the organization they work for!

Benefits of a HR Strategy to the leaders:

Recent trends show HR departments are being downsized and functions outsourced. Employee engagement and productivity is a focus. Therefore, there is an increased importance on the role of the Manager and good leadership. Open, honest and transparent communication will be demanded of these leaders. Leaders will also need to be conscious of their employee wellbeing and prioritize this in their day. #Balance uses experience and training to help businesses manage this change and improve their leadership relationships. We provide the structure, training, and processes to help leaders and businesses.

With the war for talent and skill shortages, businesses cannot afford not to have a human focused initiative. Human growth and development, along with an employee centered approach will show maximum returns on investment.

#Balance keeps clients front of mind. In order to bring value to each group, we must understand each business’ needs and come up with an individualized plan on how to address them. Of course, this does also mean considering what will make your jobs easier and more productive.

HR Strategic Services Include:

– Align HR policy & practices to support business goals and address any challenges
– Change management to accelerate change in the organization
– Uphold a culture to inspire innovation and competitive advantage
– Talent development and engagement to maximize retention and potential
– Performance management & talent acquisition of employees to support the plan

ISO internal auditor experience
COR Experience

#Balance offers a combined HR and Coaching approach, providing HR Coaching focused on leadership development and wellness. As per the below article, HR professionals today are not performing the true role of a coach within their organizations. This is a gap that #Balance can address.

venn diagram- Human Resourses and Coaching