HR are Heroes during Covid-19 Crisis

With Covid-19, the role of human resources has evolved into a more strategic partner.  Companies that do not have a strategic human resources person struggled, made bad decisions, and ruined their brand.  Companies that treat their diverse employees poorly are now making the press, and this is not the kind of attention that these companies are looking for.  Mental health claims are increasing, presenteeism and absenteeism is costly, turnover in these companies is high and the search for good talent or loss of knowledge is not a necessary expense. 

With Covid-19, many individuals experience fear and anxiety over the uncertainty and unknown.  People lost their jobs, experienced financial strain, and depression due to social isolation.  Some people work remotely, some home school their children, some need to navigate their relationships either spending more time or less time than they were previously used to with their partners.  Individual coaching is important now more than ever and will continue to be important into the future. 

#Balance will focus on providing products and services to all these businesses and consumers first as the short-term goal to fill the gap in the current market. With Covid-19, government agencies have increased their expenditures and investments in businesses.  As actual industrial output falls, firms are more likely to procure consultants to improve business efficiency and offer direction on how to improve capacity utilization.

Right now Human Resources (HR) is critical to your company’s survival.  #Balance can help you respond to this crisis and have long-term success.  Be the Employer of Choice now and into the future!

Are your employees working remotely right now?

  • I can support you to address this new work environment and develop strategies to maximize quality and efficiency of remote work.
  • I will ensure your remote work policies and guidelines are up to date and clearly communicated to your employees.

Are you an essential service organization that needs to remain open?

  • As part of your organization’s contingency plan, let us explore more flexible and innovative resourcing strategies to ensure individual’s health and safety risks are reduced.
  • We will avoid increased sickness absences and have plans ready to enable your organization to operate on a skeleton staff if necessary, by identifying key services and roles that are essential. 
  • I can assist you to identify those individuals and managers who have transferrable skills, who can fulfill more than one function or could be allocated to more essential roles.

I will help you through this change and transition by:

  • Implementing an internal communication strategy so that employees are aware of measures being taken to manage the situation in your organization.
  • Promoting the resources, you have available to support people’s health, safety and well-being which is paramount during a global health emergency like COVID-19.
  • Providing new and innovative best practices.
  • Being your HR Coach to help manage stress, improve conflict resolution, and help with obtaining personal and business goals through one-on-one or team coaching support.

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