The Latest Trends You Either Love or Hate in Working from Home

Do you work from home?  Was this new for you since the pandemic or did you work from home prior? 

If this was new for you, now your company has said you can work from home forever.  What do you think?

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of working from home!

All By Myself

January 2020, I started working from home, so this was before the pandemic for me.  Prior to this, I worked in organizations and always had a team of people around me.  What an initial culture shock when you don’t have that social interaction and connection anymore!  It can be lonely working from home alone!  One of the reasons I work in HR is because I love people.  I love engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations with coworkers or just learning more about them and their life.  So, what did I do?  I got a dog.  Meet Harley!  Some days I talk to her more than I talk to humans. 

Dress Code

Most days I have meetings over Zoom.  A typical outfit for me will be tights in the winter and shorts in the summer with a meeting appropriate top.  They only see me from the waist up, right!  I have not seen the need to put on makeup or wear anything besides my comfiest clothes.  On days with no Zoom meetings, I have shamelessly worn my PJ’s until something else comes up in the day that requires me to get dressed.

Work Schedule

I have never been a morning person!  In most of my positions, I have had to be at work between 8-9am and work until 4:30pm or 5pm.  I always knew my most productive hours though would be between 10am – 6pm.  So now, I usually start my day around 9am with emails and get into my most creative time after 10am. 

However, it is easy to spend more time working, miss lunch and not have a work-life balance.  I use my calendar and block out times for breaks to keep me refreshed and allow me to focus.  I use this time to go for a walk with Harley and listen to a podcast, while ensuring I have a healthy lunch.

The fact that there are these memes tells you that these are common experiences!  Some of you may see these as upsides, while others may see them as the downsides.  What do you think?

Wherever you are is okay!  Let’s focus on our own physical and mental health.  If you are looking for some assistance through this, feel free to message me personally.  I would be happy to chat with you!

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