Learn The Top 3 Challenges HR is Facing Right Now with The Divided Workforce in the Next 60 Seconds

Over the last 18 months, social divides occurred originally over the wearing of face masks and now vaccination and vaccination passports.  It could be that people have different moral concerns, or it has become political due to inconsistent policies, but whatever the reason we can’t deny that it has happened. 

With these issues, it seems that middle ground is impossible to find.  Some people are scared, and emotions are raging. 

There have also been racial and ethnic disparities.  Is this contributing to increased discrimination?  What about concerns over privacy and data leakage? Do you feel like your freedom is being taking away?

While we have relied on digital connectivity during the pandemic for work, school and keeping us informed, it has also had negative psychological impacts.  We have experienced Zoom fatigue.  Yes, this is a real thing already on Wikipedia defined as tiredness, worry or burnout associated with the overuse of virtual platforms of communication, particularly videoconferencing.

How many of you have heard from friends, family, or coworkers that they needed to take a break from social media?  The increased exposure to disaster news, false information and negative individuals has increase depression and worsened our mental health.

These are major topics within HR departments right now! 


Employees want to be connected and new technology has made us more productive.  The challenge has been managing the boundaries to ensure work-life balance and avoid burn-out.  Leaders need to set the example and not respond to non-urgent requests while encouraging their teams to find a healthy balance that works for them.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is another hot topic.  Human Resource professionals want to create the right conditions for all employees to give their best each day.  They want employees to stay committed to the organization’s goals and values, contributing to the organizational overall success, while being increasingly concerned with the employee’s well-being. 


A way to improve employee engagement is having people working in teams collaboratively.  HR’s role has been to foster an open and inclusive work environment where everyone is respected, and diversity is valued.  Internet-based training, file sharing and videoconferencing has been necessary for this to continue. 

Employees are being asked right now to see each other as equals, leave their opinions outside and bring their ideas and expertise to their workplace.  Employee surveys asking employees what they need right now, listening to what they say, and acting is important now more than ever.  It is this information that will provide HR and business leaders with what they need to address the divide and unite their workforce to focus on the organization’s goals and strategies for the future.

How is this working in your workplace? 

Contact me today for a FREE Covid-19 Employee Health & Performance Survey that will allow you to better plan to support the employee’s health and well-being. 

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