Reflections in 2021 to Finish the Year Strong and Start 2022 on the Right Foot

Was 2021 better for you than 2020?

People were so excited that 2020 had ended and were so hopeful about 2021 being different and better than the year before. 

Let’s reflect on 2021 as you think about your answer to this question.

Obviously, our own personal situations and experiences will determine how we answer this question.  Maybe we met a new love, got engaged, bought a new house, or started a new job.  Maybe we got divorced, lost a loved one, lost a job or suffered financial hardship.

Then there were things that happened in the world that might have an impact on how we answer.  Joe Biden took the US Presidency, the first female black US Vice President Kamala Harris was appointed, farm protests happened in India, Covid-19 vaccines were rolled out, and Canadian Indian residential school’s gravesites were discovered just to name a few.

In my opinion, one of the most positive things to come from this pandemic is the modern workplace.  Remote or hybrid work environments are the new norm, new software and communication tools have been more widely used, flexible work schedules are now expected, employees have experienced more work-life balance, businesses have made investments in employee wellness strategies, employers are focused on gender equality, organizations are incorporating social responsibilities and more opportunities for personal development.  Change has always been a constant, but this has been accelerated in recent times. 

Are people as eager this year to have a fresh start in 2022?  Are people still waiting to start a new chapter?

Rather than sit back and wait for January 2022, let’s decide to finish strong.  What are you grateful for?  What are some actions you can take between now and the end of the year to improve the start of the next year? 

From my research, I have learned that people are spending less this holiday season compared to pre-pandemic years.  People are more concerned by creating moments with family and friends that they couldn’t have last year.  They have come to realize and appreciate how important these times are for them.  People are also deciding to do more travel this year.  Since many have been working from home, they are looking for some separation during the holiday season.

Think about some strategies to make this and next year better.  Don’t wait any longer.  Decide and make things happen.  At the end of 2022, I want to hear that your year was awesome!

What will you do?

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