Understand More About Nature Coaching and The Services #Balance is Offering Now

Are you going through one of the following:  a transition to a new role, a major decision, creating a vision for yourself, a challenge, or looking to incorporate more mindfulness practices into your life?

Would it be helpful to go deeper into yourself to get the answers and reach your goals?

Do you enjoy time in nature, your relationship with it, and how you experience it?

If this is you, I have the perfect solution!

What is Nature Coaching?

Nature Coaching is an approach to coaching developed in connection with nature.  Coaching sessions are carried out in the natural environment.  This generates relaxation and enjoyment for the Coachee through sounds, scents, and visuals. 

Research shows that nature positively impacts our well-being.  It helps you feel centered, aligned with your needs, values, objectives, and actions.  It strengthens your decision-making skills and self-esteem.  You feel more yourself and discover your own uniqueness. 

The role of the Coach is to unite you with the natural elements around you.  This can be created indoors and outdoors.  When outdoors, the Coach will work with the client on the choice of location based on preferences, needs, season, site accessibility, etc.  Walks can be in your yard or garden, in your neighbourhood, in a park, etc.  The Coach will then facilitate expanded awareness, observation, listening, and general connection to nature. 

Why Nature Coaching?

Nature Coaching is a new and emerging approach to facilitating personal and professional change.  You will learn to apply all the practices to manage stress in your daily life. 

If you are usually confined to an office, there are also health benefits of walking in nature.  You do the same, if not more, hard work as you would in a traditional setting.  You go through discovery, skill-building, and reaching your full potential.  However, clients report the impacts are more powerful.

Different Nature Coaching Offerings:

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching sessions outdoors with a walk and talk approach.  Or indoors using photos, plants, etc. to evoke other senses. 

Facilitated Solo Time in Nature

The coach will work with you to set an intention for the session.  The client will spend solo time in nature with some homework i.e., taking pictures, writing in a journal, etc.  At the end of the session, the Coach and Client spend time debriefing the experience and reflecting on the intention.

If you are going through some change, are looking for a deeper internal connection, and enjoy time in nature, Nature Coaching is the solution for you.  You better understand what it is and how it can benefit you in what you are working through. 

If it sounds like something you would like to try, I would love to offer you a FREE Discover Nature Coaching Session

Are you ready to give Nature Coaching a try?

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