2nd Year Anniversary for #Balance: Find out More About Our Challenges, Successes and What is Still to Come

#Balance is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary on July 24, 2022.  It is a day to celebrate our achievements and successes!

It has not been an easy journey, but it has been fulfilling.  It’s a fact that a large percentage of start-ups fail to move beyond the start-up phase. Only about 37% of start-ups exist after two years. And so that means 63% fail to reach their third anniversary, and that’s in normal times. These last two years have been far from normal. So, forgive me for shouting from the rooftops. I am not gloating or boasting. I am just glad, grateful, vindicated, confident, strong, purposeful, and relieved I made it this far!

Although Covid continued to be a challenge during this last year, it also brought grant opportunities such as Retrain Manitoba, which gave me the chance to work with some new businesses.  I am also proud of the launch of our newsletter, Balanced News, in October 2021.  I live the mission of providing influential leadership and coaching services with positive client-centered relationships that support living a meaningful, balanced life, through my unique approach to wellness, human resources, and coaching.

I would describe the current culture of #Balance as Independent and Flexible.  Therefore, I see Learning and Enjoyment as important.  As a Solopreneur, I am often exploring new areas of business while being creative.  I am very open-minded to what I hear in the community, from my clients and peers as opportunities for the business, as long as they support the values of #Balance: respect, passion, integrity, leadership, and environment.  Enjoying what I do, the business is very important to keep me motivated and going through the ups and downs.  I have high morale, and engagement, and again the creativity is always flowing.

As for the future, #Balance is looking to be the leading HR Strategy, Coaching, and Wellness consulting business, helping the world to become a better place – People, Profits, and Planet.  In the fall I plan to start holding some in-person training sessions, working with more new clients, while continuing to give back to the community.

During this last year, I have been able to donate my time to a Human Resources project with Spark, Coaching hours for ICF Prairie Chapter Community Sponsor Program, share my Human Resources knowledge and experience with CPHR Manitoba through committee work and mentoring other Human Resources Professionals, and supporting the community by volunteering on the Board of Directors for Knowles Centre.

Anniversaries are also an opportunity to honour our customers, clients, and partners, without whom this achievement might not have been possible.  #Balance has some special professionals that I have built relationships with and have been able to collaborate with, local community businesses that I have developed strategic alliances with, and business supporter organizations that I am thankful for. This includes some early partnerships that have propelled the business forward and some new partnerships that promise exciting opportunities for the future.

To my customers and clients, thank you for being so supportive, loyal, and inspiring me to do better.  You made me what I am today.  You are the reason why I am celebrating.  I also don’t believe it is a coincidence that #Balance’s anniversary falls on Self-Care Day.  Self-Care Day provides a focus and opportunity to raise the profile of healthy lifestyle self-care programs around the world.  In honor of this day, #Balances anniversary, and because I am invested in your success and value you, for the month of July when you buy one Coaching session you will receive two!

Click here and enter Buy 1 Get 2 in the Message!

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