Learn All About the Weekly Events Throughout June for Your Physical and Emotional Wellness

As the weather starts to warm up here in Canada, it is no surprise that the month of June is very focused on physical activity.  For many, it is easier to get outside and move, whether for walks, a bike ride, or working in the yard.  We also experience more sunlight, and the combination improves our overall mental health.  A US study found that exercise reduces the number of days per month a person experiences poor mental health by more than 43%.

Throughout Canada, the first Saturday in June is known as National Health and Fitness Day.  This year, it would be recognized on June 4th.  It is a day to increase awareness of the significant benefits of physical activity and to encourage Canadians to increase their level and participation in recreational sports and fitness activities.  By improving the health of all Canadians, we can reduce the burden of illness on families as well as on the health care system.  We also have lovely mountains, oceans, lakes, forests, parks, and wilderness that can be explored as opportunities for fitness and recreation. 

On the second Saturday of June, we also have Global Wellness Day.  This year on June 11, 2022, we have one day that can change our whole life.  Ask yourself “How can I live a healthier and better life?”  According to several studies, the most common health problem in the world is depression.  People with depression experience poor sleep, stress, poor nutrition, physical inactivity, obesity, and heart disease.  Check out this video for more information on why the world needs this day:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp9lpfhxvQQ

This year, the third Sunday of June is Father’s Day.  Not only on June 19th but all year round, let’s encourage the men in our lives to move for their mental health.  Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHG) has great activities all month to help raise awareness, educate, and drive action for men and their family’s mental well-being.  https://menshealthfoundation.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/CMHF-Move2022-InteractivePoster.pdf

Although this month focuses more on the physical and emotional aspects of wellness, I want to remind you that we should strive for balance in our wellness.  Wellness is the quality or state of being healthy in mind, body, and spirit. It is an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases, especially as the result of deliberate effort.

For holistic wellness, look to incorporate all 8 dimensions to work in harmony: 

  • Financial 
  • Spiritual 
  • Intellectual 
  • Emotional 
  • Physical 
  • Social 
  • Occupational 
  • Environmental 

A Coach can help you with your personalized mental health and well-being goals.  We can discuss strategies for getting active, eating healthier, lowering your stress, sleeping better, drinking less, or quitting smoking.  Let’s set you up for success and keep you accountable this month and all year round. 

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